Can Virtual Assistant (VA) really see the shared login password in clear text?

I have a login/password that I want to share with a Virtual Assistant (VA) via moving that login from my personal vault to an organization in my plan. So my question is if I do that is my VA be able to see my password? Or how this password sharing really work? I have some paid Chrome extension tools that need login and I want those passwords be protected. I other words, is that really possible to protect my password, as once logged in, VA can always go to the Browser’s PW manager and see the PW in clear text, right?

You can make it more challenging for someone you’ve shared with to see clear text passwords, but you’ll still want to trust them because it’s not challenging for someone mildly sophisticated to find ways to see the passwords once they’re entered into a field on a web site. The permission you’re looking for is Can view, except passwords

Note that this isn’t a limitation specific to BW… It’s inherent to how sharing a password credential works.