Can two people (husband and wife) share the same account?

Setting up a new BW account that my wife and I will share on our separate phones. Can we do the regular premium account, or do we need the families account?
Thank you!

Sure, you both can share one Bitwarden account and have it on each device. If you don’t mind each other knowing each other’s passwords there is no problem with this and will be the easiest way to go about it. You don’t need premium either unless you need the premium features.


If you do both have a Premium subscription, you can also use the Free Organization feature to move your credentials/private information to a shared space that both can access. This works for only two people, however, and it is not as fully featured as a Family Organization.


That is what my wife and I have done. It has worked out fine for us.

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Saw this thread so piggy-backing.

  1. Is there an advantage between sharing one Individual account vs. doing a Family Plan? There are some things we share and buy some sites where we have separate log-ins. Not worried about seeing one-another’s log-ins.
  2. If the wife created an Individual Plan, can it be converted to a Family Plan? Or would it be better to just create a new account (which would allow me to manage it since I usually do better on stuff like this).

Also (slightly different topic), why couldn’t I use her log-in on this chat community? I had to create a new one to post these questions.

Going to jump on this thread as well.

Sharing all the login information and accounts is no problem, it’s actually a plus as we’ve gone through having elder parents and trying to find or figure out open accounts of one kind or another.

But a question. Can you have the application send the 2-step to different phones for example?

Login for site A goes to phone #1, but login for site B goes to phone #2.

Thanks All

The primary one is that with an organization (free or family), you can share logins which are common to both people while the logins that apply only to one of the two people (think e-mail logins as one example) are not visible to the other person. With many people having (perhaps) a hundred or more personal logins, this is a big advantage.

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