Can Two Individual Premium Members form a Free two member Free Organization

My question is rather simple. Can I and another person each purchase a paid Individual Premium Membership then become the two members of a Free Organization? If so, will we retain all of the benefits of the Individual Premium account? I would expect that we could only have two Collections but that should be more than enough. (Basically, it would be a simplified husband-wife Family Organization plan for $20 per year rather than paying $40 per year for a six user Family Organization that would have four unused users!)

Note: Your question may already be answered in the Bitwarden Help Center.

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Absolutely, I was toying with that idea myself for me and my wife.

Are you asking the same question? Or have you found that it works?

The setup of the free 2-person organization is here Get Started with Organizations | Bitwarden Help & Support The main differences will be

  • Items in your personal premium vaults can have file attachments and TOTP codes and health reports
  • Items in your free 2-person collection will not have those capabilities without upgrading to a family organization
  • However simple logins, identities, credit cards and secure notes can easily be shared in the free 2-person Organization

Hope that helps


Ok. But attachments and TOTP codes will stay as long as we first create them in either of our personal vaults, and then share them? Is that correct? We won’t be able to add new ones, but at least the existing ones will stay?

This is a bit annoying to me as I have a family membership and my friend pays for premium features, so the only place we have reduced functionality is in our shared organization. I actually have room for her in my family plan, too. But since she’s not my family, we decided to create a separate organization. Maybe that was a mistake and she should save her $10 per year and just join my “family” plan. But it seemed much more legit to do it the other way.

I was saying that you could definitely do that. I’ll probably end up going with a Family plan anyway, but the free 2-person organisation should work fine.

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But does this then give the admin of the family plan (you, I assume?) the power to delete her account? I’m not suggesting you’d do that, but it’d make me very I comfortable if I were under someone else’s family plan. It’d be great if Bitwarden offered Premium users the ability to add organisations to their account for $X per year for sharing with those whom we don’t want to join a family plan with.

I couldn’t delete their private vault, but I could remove them from the organization therefore removing their access to all shared logins. But an admin/owner needs to be able to do that.

The option to pay a little more would be nice. Or maybe just an even smaller paid organization tier than family. Two (three?) people for $25 vs 6 people for $40. The family plan is still a good upsell for those who need it and you get an extra $5 out of all the couples.

I don’t know. They need to keep their offerings streamlined, so maybe another tier wouldn’t make sense. And I guess collections is their big upsell feature, so it makes sense the way it’s setup. It’s just slightly annoying in this specific case.