Can`t Login at punching correct Email & Password

I Install Bitwarden App at my Computer, Punching correct Email & Password, they said: “Username or password is incorrect. Try again.”
so I login Bitwarden Vault web, it works!

are you using in both places (or You have to use the same region everywhere because your account is not synced between regions.

I only Using, But I installed is:

版本 1.24.6
Shell 6.1.7
Renderer 76.0.3809.146
Node 12.4.0
Architecture x64

Make sure you select the same server at the bottom. There are two:, or


There is no version 1.24.6 for Bitwarden. So what are you using?

This version is extremely old and not safe to use! Where did you obtain this version? You should uninstall it completely, and download the most recent release from the official Bitwarden Downloads Page.