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Relative Newbie here. I have had a Bitwarden account for many years but unused i.e dormant. Yesterday I logged back in and paid my years private subscription. Imported all my Browser stored passwords vi CSV files. I have added browser extensions from Bitwarden/downloads to “MACOS - Safari, Firefox, Chrome” “Win 10 Chrome and Firefox” all of these extensions fail to login to Bitwarden. I use Cut and paste for the credentials. I can login to without issue using the same cut and paste method. I cant log in from the IOS app or the MACIS app. Its almost like part of my account is still dormant. I do have Pihole but have disabled this indefinitely whilst this issue is apparent. At this time I don’t have 2FA enabled and have a "relatively " simple but long master password containing Upper/Lower case letters, numbers and exclamation marks i.e ! ( I have tried very simple master password as a test as well) All Bitwarden s/w is the latest available from the downloads section. I just cant work out what I have done wrong.

There’s a recently added feature to select a region (US or EU — or “self-hosted”) on the login screen. If the selected region does not match the region that you had used when you registered your account, then the login will fail. If you are using an old Bitwarden account, then the region should be US.

That was the issue. I had been religiously selecting EU for all login credentials. Now wondering if I can migrate regions. However that’s for another day.

Thanks again


Glad I was able to help.

There is no easy migration mechanism. Basically, you’d have to export your vault contents, set up a new Bitwarden account (in the region of your choice), and then import the previously exported data. The export process unfortunately does not capture everything in the vault (a JSON export, which is the format that preserves the most amount of information, does not contain any files that may have been uploaded as attachments or Sends, and it also omits the Trash folder, all password histories, timestamps for item creation or modification, as well as most app settings/preferences). For this reason, it may be better to migrate sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, Bitwarden may not allow you to transfer your premium subscription to the new accounts, which would be a reason to wait to migrate until the end of your current subscription. However, I am not actually sure about Bitwarden’s current policy on this, as it has evidently changed once or twice during the past week. You may want to contact support to ask whether it is possible to transfer a premium subscription to a new account. In your case, you may be able to use Bitwarden’s cancellation policy, which entitles you to a refund if your subscription is is less than 30 days old.

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