Can login into app, but not into browser extension

I can login into the Biwarden app (macOS), but when I try to login into the browser extension (Firefox) on the same machine, I get the message “An unexpected error happened”.

Why’s that and what can I do about it?

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Makes sense. Thanks. But why can I login to the macOS app then? Shouldn’t that be affected as well?

Hi @waldalla, perhaps you were already logged in to the desktop application. Browser extensions, mobile, and desktop apps can stay logged in for extended periods and it is generally recommended to configure clients this way Configuring Bitwarden Clients for Offline Access | Bitwarden Blog.
You can also explore the difference between Locked and Logged Out Vault Timeout Options | Bitwarden Help Center

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I’m facing something similar. Bitwarden is working fine on my smartphone, but the Chrome and Firefox browser extension takes long to connect (while logging in) and shows absolutely nothing. No passwords, no notes, nothing at all. It’s like my Bitwarden vault is empty.

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the Chrome and Firefox extension, but no success.

Hi @Zezera There is a known situation with an upstream provider resulting in intermittent access. Updates will be posted to

Fortunately for me, with the mobile platform still working, I can log out of desktop then log back in by “unlock with device” to get around it. then it uses the setting I have to remain active until I close my browser.