Can log in to Browser, but not Android mobile?

Hi Everyone, first time poster, but long time user :smiley:

I have a problem with a friend’s account (I convinced her to stop using the same password for everything and use something safe!). She is logged in to her Firefox browser add-on, she has logged out and logged in again no problem. But when she attempts to log in to her Android phone app, Bitwarden refuses.

I have tried multiple times, including re-writing in the email address, but it doesn’t want to know. Again, she has no problem logging in to Bitwarden in Firefox.

Is there any way of resolving this?

All suggestions gratefully received, Smithy. :+1:

Can you be more specific in what BW says when it “refuses” ----- your word?

Hi @Smithy - welcome!

If your friend has a single quotation mark or double quotation mark in her password, that is a likely culprit (as well as a few other obscure characters). Many Android keyboards (and iOS) like to change straight quotes to “curly” quotes (smart quotes), but those are different characters. If that’s not it, check for any other special characters or international characters, or basically anything that isn’t included in the Bitwarden password generator special character list. She might have to change master passwords for Android to ‘play nice’.

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Same problem, new person. Android login. It’s the flippin’ keyboard! When I copy and paste it into the Password line it works fine. Cheapo tablet.

Hi, yes the message reads: “An error has occured” and then just the OK button.

Should I try a different keyboard?

David, those are all really good points, but she uses a pass phrase, just regular words, we’ve been very careful as we typed it in.

I’m going to try writing it on a notepad, and copying and pasting.

Thanks Hilary, I’ll try that :grinning:

Then definitely check those dashes in the passphrase - Regular dashes are often converted to en dashes or even em dashes. Please let us know how you make out!

So I installed a different keyboard, and typed it all afresh, but the same error message.

How do I contact Bitwarden directly, can I do it here?

Scrap that, I see I can do it internally in my own BW account. I’ll do that and post back here the results.

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You should also try switching networks - WiFi, cellular data, VPN, etc. Sometimes it can actually be related to a network routing problem and not the password at all.

If that doesn’t change anything, I would uninstall the app, reboot your phone, and reinstall. Some have reported that this can solve strange login issues.