Can I use multiple 2FA sources

So I am new to Bitwarden and 2fa. I have implemented 2fa authentication using Yubi keys and I don’t have any issues.
My question is I added another hardware vendor such as Hypersecure and implemented with no issue.

My problem or question is I thought I could use Yubi key if the Hypersecure key was not available, but I was not presented with that issue. Am I missing something or do I need to use the same hardware vendor

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i have many brands like feitian, go trust yubi and more, all of them works.

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When you set up your Yubikeys as Bitwarden 2FA, did you add them in the “YubiKey OTP Security Key” section or in the “FIDO2 WebAuthn” section? You should add them in the “FIDO2 WebAuthn” section:


got it; I need to all all keys to WebAuthn including Yubi keys. Correct?

Yes, if you want to use the Yubikeys as an alternative to the Hypersecure key.

thanks for the response

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thanks - working now