Can I put my twitch TOTP code into bitwarden?

I managed to get the TOTP secret for my Twitch account but they use custom settings for generating the OTP, is it possible to configure bitwarden to generate codes using custom settings?

Reading this:

and this

it looks like a “no”.

thanks guess I’ll have to stick with Authy

Following both of the links above, I was able to switch from Authy to Bitwarden for Twitch, and many more :slight_smile: . My next challenge is SteamGuard.

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If you ever find anything on Steam Guard let me know, haha. I have their app sitting on my phone right now because they do 2FA their own way with the SG app.

For Steam Guard take a look here:

I got steam guard working shortly after…I have it on my iPhone and was able to follow one of the guides to get the secure key from a backup. Otherwise the above link can work too if you want the desktop authenticator

Perhaps you did not read this article till the end:
The Desktop Authenticator is just a tool you use inbetween to get the TOTP into Bitwarden:

4. You want your TOTP entry in Bitwarden to look like: steam://ABCDEFGHIJKLMN1234OPQRSTUVWXYZ4321

Yes i’m aware of what the desktop authenticator is used for, the issue is you can only have 1 device that is authorized with SteamGuard officially. So, in order to not remove it from my iPhone i instead followed the other guide on how to view the TOTP code from an iOS backup. So now, I have the OTOP in Bitwarden and still in the SteamGuard section of the Steam app on my phone.