Can I move my subscription to a different account?

Can I move my subscription to a different account I need this because I completely lost access the my authenticator and e-mail address for my main account, I uploaded to my secondary account the vault but i would also like to move my subscription so i would have access to all the features. I still have access to the desktop app vault but nothing else

Support can help with this. You will need access to your old email account so that you can authorize the change.

Also, do know that with access to only your email, you can delete the old vault, freeing yourself to create a new vault with the original username.

@DenBesten The whole problem is that i can not access my old e-mail, google locked it

Support remains your best chance.

By “authenticator”, I presume you mean 2FA. If so, and you stashed away the recovery code, you might be able to disable that and regain access to the webvault which allows one to change the email address associated with the account (under settings >> account).

I presume based on your message that you do have a current export of your vault. If not, you might want to create one using the desktop app. That will prevent anything from getting “worse”.

Google does have recovery options for their accounts. Maybe something there would help get you out of “jail”.