Can I move all the items in a collection back to My Vault?

I’ve been using Bitwarden for a couple of years and recently upgraded to a family plan. I erroneously moved all the items from My Vault into a collection, and now I want to move them back, but can’t see a way to do it. I’ve read the documentation and seen a lot of posts about ‘cloning’ but can’t make that work. I can clone items in My Vault, but I do not see a cloning option for the organization view for collections.

How can I move all the items from a collection to My Vault?

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Hello Phil, and welcome to the community!

I don’t use organization, so this is a suggestion of something you can try before other people post more. You can export the org vault (Export Vault Data | Bitwarden Help Center) and then import them into your personal vault (Import Data to your Vault | Bitwarden Help Center) and then delete the items from the org vault.

I would suggest you make backup of your personal vault before, though, just in case. The export of your org vault is your org’s backup.

Thanks for this idea! I actually had not ‘synchronized’ my desktop client since doing the move, so I disconnected from the network, exported My Vault from the desktop client, re-connected, imported that backup into My Vault from the web client, and then deleted everything in the collection.

This seems to have done what I wanted and it was quick and easy. It still seems odd to me that this isn’t a natural 2-way process.


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Though your problem seems to be solved, just for info (and for future readers): there seems to be the function of “bulk movement” possible since the update to 2024.3.1 a few days ago…

(Release Notes | Bitwarden Help Center)

Have you tried it out? I was aware of it, but I am not sure if it can put org items back into the personal vault.

Oh, I must say, I don’t have collections - and looking into the help site now, it seems you could be right: Collections | Bitwarden Help Center

Sorry, I assumed, “bulk moving” would be freely possible now :rofl: - who could have thought, that there would be a restriction like this…

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Honestly, I can’t even see/find the ‘bulk assign’ feature described here . But, the docs do suggest it’s for moving among collections, not back to a private vault.


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