Can Bitwarden “catch” the login and passwords if i can’t remember it?

Now on my mobile i would like to have my logins from apps also, but it seems (see screenprint) that i have to make another folder with another login i have to remember?

Is that right, what have you done here?

Can Bitwarden “catch” the login and passwords if i can’t remember it?

I do not see your screen print. The autofill functionality is not the same across the different platform because each platform do it a bit differently. On Android, if you have the newer version of Android and you have autofill setup properly through the framework, you should have an option to autofill. Suppose you have a website login for “Acme Bank” and now you want it to autofill the Acme Bank app, you would select autofill and search for the Acme Bank, select it as autofill. Bitwarden will prompt if you want to add the app to Bitwarden, now Bitwarden will associate “acme bank” entry in Bitwarden with both website and your app so that autofill will work in the future.

I think this is properly easier on IOS. Different android version had different method of autofilling.

Ups i forgot the screenprint

Folders are strictly optional. You use folder to group together your similar sites like creating a folder for your banks, etc.

What you want to do is to add login for apps, you would do that by creating an new login entry or add it to an existing login entry.

You just need to add the URI for the app to your vault entry.

URI? Do you mean the URL?

Well, I meant the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), but a URL is a type of URI :smiley: