Can bitwarden be used on tails os?

Hello, I’ve searched this site and web in general and found little on Bitwarden in Tails os. I’m wondering if the lack of information might be because it’s a bad idea to do so. I do understand that if someone gets possession of my usb stick, then they will have access to my persistent storage, but if there are no other hazards, then how would one migrate their Bitwarden password database to KeePassXC password manager provided in Tails? I have tried exporting my vault in all the available formats (saved on a secure USB stick), but I can’t access those when I have Tails turned on. I have also tried signing into my Bitwarden web on a TOR connection when using Tails, and I can sign in, but I get an error message when I try to export the file from there. I wasn’t sure if this was question to ask Tails or to ask Bitwarden. It was 50-50 and I went with you. I’d be grateful for your comments and suggestions.

I have no experience with Tails OS, so I’m sorry that I can’t offer any suggestions to help. But this definitely sounds like an OS issue - perhaps their community can help?