BW W10 Desktop - BW Extension in both Brave & Edge?

New BW install and installer… I downloaded BW extension for Brave and installed it in Brave yesterday. Today I was going to download the BW extension for Edge and install it but first I launched Edge to turn off the LastPass extension. I immediately noticed that in Edge the LastPass extension was already disabled and the BW extension was already installed and enabled. So, did the download//install/enable of the BW extension into Brave also automatically do the BW extension install/enable into Edge?

The extensions are installed separately, but potentially your edge profile may have had Bitwarden setup before, and when you log into your MSFT account, edge ‘puts back’ everything you had before. Just a thought.

No clue how that might have happened. I have not touched Edge or its extensions and I am the only person who messes with this PC. I do have BW running on my wi-fi connected laptop in all 4 browsers that I use. I was thinking that maybe since both Edge and Brave are chrome-based browsers that the install yesterday into Brave might have done for Edge as well - but maybe not. I do run hotmail w/MSFT account on both W10 PC’s. So are you thinking that I should download/install/enable the BW Edge extension into my Desktop Edge browser or leave it alone assuming all is OK?