BW vault won't let autofill from BW extension?

Hi folks! New user here, just migrated from 1password. Already set up my extension and mobile, but I got curious about one thing: I find it easier to manage (and specially to clean up) on the web interface… But when I go there, BW extensions shows an error when trying to autofill my password for the BW vault.

I tried searching a bit for an explanation on this, but came up empty…

Can you provide more detail on the error you are experiencing? You can also try disabling any existing plugins to try to isolate the issue.

extension will just says “it’s not possible to autofill the item selected on this page. Alternatively, copy and paste the information”

huh… reloading the page it worked.

Maybe I had this tab open on the vault before I installed the extension? :thinking:

I tend to see this happen if the tab is loaded before the extension is “unlocked” as well, as you mentioned reloading the page after the extension is unlocked allows auto-fill and keyboard shortcuts to work.


Yeah, I’ve noticed this behaviour too.