BW Send via REST

Please help me to implement the send function. I can’t find how to use the REST API to send secret text messages to clients.

Be interested to see what replies you get. Bear in mind the encryption will be done on the client before the REST call.
I would crib the CLI source code or even call the CLI from a subprocess.

Do you think that this can only be done through the CLI?

I don’t mean only through the CLI but it could be an easy option.

Hi @v.yevdokymenko, welcome to community! :wave:

I think you’re looking for our Vault Management API schema, but please let me know if there’s something more specific you’re looking for.

Thank you.
I’ve already got to know your “Vault Management API” a bit.

I figured out that I need to run a local web server that I can send REST requests to. However, initially I thought that it was not necessary to download and install the KLI at all. It seemed to me that I can use the public REST API and there are endpoints for creating a new Send object. And for some time I could not understand why API management endpoints do not work on the URL.