BW fills hidden field instead of actual PW field

On some websites BW fills the PW field with data from a hidden text field. This has almost gotten me locked out a few times where there’s no way to view the data being pasted.

BW should not paste hidden field text into a website PW field.

If I understand you correctly, you have custom field set to hidden for some items in you vault. When attempting to autofill these entries BW is inserting the contents of the custom hidden field into the webpages password entry field.

This article from the help centre explains how the autofill of custom field is by design, and how it is expected to work. You may need to change the name of your custom field to stop this unwanted behaviour.

Thanks, @Jamiemch

The hidden field names do not include ‘password’ or similar. I see this when using Safari (iOS and macOS) extensions.

How would one construct a hidden field label that would trump the default/dedicated ‘Password’ field?

Do you know what criteria BW using to match the PW value to a site’s PW label?