BW doesn't seem to work properly with android

I use BW with windows and iphone and it works properly on both. On the iphone–when there’s a login required, I can select BW as the password manager, open it, and find the proper login choice if BW can’t figure out the right one to display.

I set up the samsung android with all the proper settings for pw autofill, etc, but there’s no choice given to open BW if BW doesn’t have an exact match to that login page. There are plenty of other options given to open other apps, samsung’s own pw manager for example, but nothing for BW. Doesn’t the app work with android?

That is the issue you have. Perhaps you should change the “Match detection” to something more simple, like “Starts with” or “Base domain” or even “Host”. If you are familiar with Regex (*) using “Regular expression” also might be the way to go.