BW Default Password Manager - Chrome Extension

I just now found the option to use BW as the default password manager.

Unfortunately, when using this option, it does not autofill addresses/email addresses (i.e., when ordering things). Google Chrome did a great job of doing this.

Is this something that BW plans to improve?

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You can just go to Settings > Auto-fill and uncheck the checkbox for “Make Bitwarden your default password manager”, after which you can go back and enable native auto-filling of personal information in the browser settings (chrome://settings/addresses). Obviously, don’t enable the Google Password Manager.

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For now I’ll just right-click and add it from the BW menu.

Is it indeed possible to enable Chrome’s autofill but disable Chrome’s password manager? The option is disabled for me (and it seem like that needs to happen on the Bitwarden extension side)?

Enabling “Make Bitwarden your default password manager” fixes this, but as of late, also disables from autofill and payment autofill

Hi! Where do you enable (or disable) that? In the Chrome settings or in the Bitwarden-extension-settings in Chrome? Could you post a screenshot?

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@lazytt Thanks, but I didn’t understand which “Settings” where meant here.
But I checked it now myself - “Auto-fill” is only a settings-option in the Bitwarden browser extension (in Chrome it is called “Passwords and auto-fill”)… and now checking it in my Brave extension, I can see it myself now (wasn’t aware of that option) :sweat_smile: :+1:

As I had explained to the OP, you need to disable the setting “Make Bitwarden your default password manager” (not enable it).

Chrome can auto-fill passwords, personal information (addresses), and payment information (credit cards). To enable auto-filling of addresses, go to:


To enable auto-filling of credit cards, go to:


you need to disable the setting

Understood, that’s what I have:

Nevertheless, I cannot turn off Chrome Password autofill, and it prompts me to save passwords every time I enter one.

Is your previous screenshot (copied below) what you see after you have disabled the setting “Make Bitwarden your default password manager”?



Also, if you go to Manage Extensions and disable the Bitwarden browser extension, does the Chrome Password Manager still prompt you to save passwords? If not, what happens if you then re-enable the Bitwarden browser extension in Manage Extensions, without making any other changes? Do the password saving prompts from the Chrome Password Manager re-appear?


I dont know how to enter a passwords without bitwarden :laughing: (j/k, I’ll use the desktop app)

no, it does not

yes, they do.