BW browser extension keeps closing and loses info while entering new login info

As the “create login” function is still not working, it is necessary to manualy load data to create a new login. In creating a new login, it is necessary to move info between the login page for the site and the BW extension. However, when you click back onto the login page, the BW extension closes. When you restart BW extension, all the info that was previously entered is now lost and you need to start over. This whole operation makes for unnecessary restarts of the extension.

How to keep BW web extension open so info can be transferred between BW extension and login page for site?

thanks, tom kosvic


Hi Tom - the best way to achieve this is to use Bitwarden in the sidebar, although not all browsers support the use of a sidebar. If yours does not, you can always click the Pop-Out button at the top left corner of the Bitwarden extension so it pops out into its own free-floating window. Then it is easy to copy and paste back and forth.

The other way to avoid the issues you are having is to avoid entering new information in a web signup form altogether and simply build the credentials entirely within the Bitwarden extension and then autofill them into the signup page. This is how a lot of seasoned Bitwarden users employ the extension, and it is a very efficient way to add new logins.

See this video (starting at 1:34) for a demo:


Thank you for the info. I see the default technique.
BUT, if you setup everything in bitwarden and something is wrong, e.g., number of digits in password or ID format, to correct the login you need to delete newly created login and make another from scratch. I can see that this could become a trial-and-error process on a site that does not easily provde their PW or Username requirements.

If you could enter a bitwarden password and test it on the site login and then regenerate the password if it was configured wrongly and then reenter it, I think that’s a more efficient way. But you can’t you need to start over.

tom kosvic

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Never been an issue for me. Even if it happens on occasion, it is still faster in the long run for me to do them all this way. YMMV.

I too have found this frustrating. you can use the pop out but then you have to put in every detail in, there no auto populating. Honestly, its a significant weakness relative to the other password managers out there. Sure, Bitwarden is the one I’ve chosen to go with, but its very cumbersome at times. I can see from the other posts I’m not the only one with this experience.

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Hey there, what browser are you using? If Firefox/Vivaldi/Opera, you can use the sidebar function to create a persistent experience, or hit the top left icon to pop it out.