BW behavior with Ebay/Paypal

I’m evaluating Bitwarden at the moment. I used it to log myself in to my account on eBay, where I bought an item. I opted to pay by Paypal. At this point a Paypal login mini screen is superimposed. Unfortunately BW fills this with the eBay login credentials rather than the Paypal credentials. You can go to the browser extension to manually lookup the Paypal record, but the Paypal login screen closes as soon as its focus is lost.

Eventually I had to type the credentials in by hand. How do you handle this ?

Sounds odd what you’re describing. Until someone can provide help, perhaps a simple work-around would be to add as a second URL in your login item for PayPal. That would at least allow you to autofill the PayPal credentials when shopping on Ebay (in case you don’t know, you can cycle through all matching credentials by repeatedly pressing the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L).

In the meantime, if it is possible for you to post a screenshot of the “Paypal login mini screen” (with all identifying information redacted), then we can at least make sure that anybody helping you knows exactly what you are referring to.

If the PayPal login is embedded within the eBay web page, it is pretty hard for a password manager to guess this from the URL of the eBay page.

A less than ideal workaround you might consider is to add the eBay URL to your PayPal login item in Bitwarden so that you can at least manually fill your credentials by either clicking the BW extension icon and selecting PayPal when prompted to login or right-click the login field and use the BW fill options that are available with the menu that pops up.

Thanks for the idea. I’ll definitely try this.