BW android auto fill

Hi guys,
On my android 11 phone I have the BW app installed, and it works a treat apart from odd sites… Google and PayPal for instance, where auto fill puts my password into the email field !
How can we fix this please ?

Also, odd times the autofill pops up with 2 windows ! One is the normal familiar one, the other is a simpler version… Both will fill the fields, so what’s happening here ?
Using brave browser btw

Several months later, and still no fix !

I’ve tried different browsers and it still swaps the email address and password on several sites…

Hi @Paulie - that’s strange behaviour indeed. I am running BW on Android 11 on my Samsung S20, and I have had two BW buttons open if my vault is unlocked (one will be the predicted credentials and the other just opens the vault to search). But I have never seen it swap a username and password before.

Have you tried search your vault to see if the credentials got transposed somewhere? I am wondering if maybe you have multiple entries, including one that is is setup correctly and another that has the user name and password transposed. That’s all I can think of to explain this.

Vault seems ok, and with no multiple entries… The fields are filled perfectly on my windows pc, suggesting it’s not a vault issue.
It does work on the majority of sites, but on common ones such as and , bitwarden fills the password into the email field, requiring me to manually type the email address… Bw then fills the password successfully.

This all happens on android 11… Using “brave browser” and the bw app.

I’ve tried chrome, and Firefox browsers too… Firefox is very hit and miss with BW not opening the autofill at all, and chrome exhibits the same behaviour as brave (which is based on chrome)

So I’m not sure what’s to be done !

Very strange - I use FF and Chrome on my phone also, and I have never had the credentials switched like that. I use a lot (same backend to, I presume, as well as PayPal). You might want to reach out to Bitwarden’s CS team at to see if they can help at all.

Regarding hit and miss with BW prompting to open credentials on FF, I have noticed this too. My solution was to enable BW in the accessibility services autofill function, and that solved it entirely.

Been having an ongoing conversation with BW team for a while, but nothing has been resolved…

Many thanks for the replies…was starting to think this place was a ghost town :wink:

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Your suggestion re Firefox worked a treat … Thanks, and it DOES fill in Amazon login correctly !

More confused now …

OMG, that’s really bizarre. I’ll keep a careful eye on my logins from now own to see if this issue is ever replicated on my phone.

It’s a security risk too… If you inadvertently send your password to the email field press return !