Bulk import of Equivalent Domains

Hi, all! First post here…

Like many others, I’m migrating from LastPass to Bitwarden. The export/import features work quite well, but lack one thing, equivalent domains (EQs). It seems to me that in order to populate my ‘custom’ EQs, I have to enter them one by one… Is there some way to do a ‘bulk’ import?

I’ve done a number of searches on Bing and Google, as well as searched these forums. Closest I’ve come is this thread, wherein they point to this Reddit post; very promising, but when you get there, it says it’s been deleted! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

When I go to “Domain rules”, under “Custom equivalent domains”, it would appear that I can enter multiple lines in that field… Is that the way? There seems to be little documentation on this feature, other than “Click New Custom Domain, enter your comma-separated list, click Save”…

Also, it seems kind of kludgy to reconcile the “Global Domains” (meaning, I think, the ones provided by default by Bitwarden) with those I’d enter myself. Reason being, there is no such distinction in LastPass between those provided by LP and those I’ve entered myself; it’s just one big ‘blob’.

Hope this explanation of my issue is clear; if not, please feel free to ask for clarification on specific points.


@ByteMe Welcome to the forum!

I found the deleted Reddit post in the Wayback Machine, but unfortunately, if only describes a manual transfer:

Reminder: If you’re coming from Lastpass, don’t forget to also copy your Equivalent Domains list

I just tried pasting two lines of – what I wanted to be separate – equivalent domains into the field, and they got combined into a single entry.

So it appears that there is no bulk import today.

I think it’s a great idea. I suggest you create a feature request.

I couldn’t find an existing one but you should also search.

Did you place a comma (,) between the two entries? Per the instructions, you are supposed to “enter your comma-separated list”.

Thanks, @grb ! I hadn’t thought to consult the WBM!
You’re right, it gives no info beyond what BW does on their help page. Now we know.

@Joe4 , this seems like such a basic need, I’m surprised no one hasn’t suggested already… Or, have they? I’ll have a closer look.

Of course it’s comma-separated. :grin:
My list(s) look similar to this:

To put things into perspective, my “Local” (as LP calls it) list is 68 items long.
I shudder to think what my Domain Rules page will look like with all these expandable boxes before the “Global” list begins.
Anyway… This looks like a job for AutoHotKey!

Feature request here:
Equivalent Domains bulk add - Feature Requests / Password Manager - Bitwarden Community Forums
(yes, I did a deep search for an equivalent [sic] request, but did not find one)

It’s likely I’ll have found another solution to my need (e.g. AutoHotKey, Manual add), but hopefully it’ll be helpful to others.

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In your screenshot example, you need commas after domain3.x and after qrs.3. So it should look like this for the first set:


and like this for the second set:



Is an “item” a domain (i.e., you have 68 equivalent domains, or 68 domains divided into 2-34 equivalent groups)? Or do you have 68 groups of equivalences?

Out of curiosity, how come there are so many, and none of them covered by the pre-defined Global Equivalences?

Just for posterity:
If you put two lines in a Equivalent Domains single entry (that is, in a single gray box), e.g.,
aaaa.com, bbbb.com
cccc.com, dddd.com

…you don’t get what you might expect. After way too much time spent playing, as near as I can figure you effectively get something instead like:
aaaa.com, bbbb.comcccc.com, dddd.com

…because the carriage return appears to be ignored.

To answer your first question, what I called an “item” was a list of Equivalent Domains (ED). So, domain1.z,domain2.y,domain3.x would be one “item”,
a1a.a,bb1.b,123.1,222.2 woud be another, etc.
@Joe4 , you are correct in your "Just for posterity"post; it doesn’t seem to work that way.
My screenshot was to illustrate my original idea, i.e one line per “item”, or list of EQs.
As to your second question, @grb, it would be a long answer, but one of the many reasons is that I live in a Canadian province which is… special :wink:
So, there are many domains which have a .ca TLD, and some others are… special.
Then, then, there are businesses/domains who change, merge, whatever so one must keep both versions for a while.
Sure, I could probably go through that list and prune it, but, believe it or not, I actually have a life :sweat_smile:

As an aside to this, yet another feature would be the ability to search-and-combine Global and Local lists, to avoid just this sort of duplication, because it is quite possible that domains I may have added at some point are added later by BW into the Global list.

For this type of use-case, I think it would be easier to just add both domains directly to the login item itself (unless you have a large number of accounts with each of those businesses).

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Actually you’re right… I’d noticed mention of this in other posts, but hadn’t gotten around to checking it out until now.

Indeed, this is a cool feature LastPass doesn’t have, i.e being able to list more than one URL for an entry.

This would address a number of my use cases, but not others, such as when there are different accounts for myself and my SO. Of course, I could add the different URLs in both accounts, but then it starts to get kludgy…

Anyway, thanks for pointing out that feature - I can see it being quite useful!