Building error with the new clients repository directories structure

I get some problems trying to build using npm.

My script seems to accord with the path order to run npm directives: (npm install and npm audit fix in the “root” directory and npm run dist:oss:selfhost in apps/web. Anyway i get the errors below: it looks like the dependecies installed in the repository’s root don’t work.
The same script has always worked succesfully until v2022.5.2 bitwarden repository, before merging all clients projects. What I’m doing wrong?

> @bitwarden/[email protected] dist:oss:selfhost
> npm run build:oss:selfhost:prod

> @bitwarden/[email protected] build:oss:selfhost:prod
> cross-env ENV=selfhosted NODE_ENV=production npm run build:oss

sh: 1: cross-env: not found

Thank you

Hi @ecesarini and welcome to the community.

Not exactly sure what the issue is, but the above mentioned command runs fine on my environment.

Please have a look at our setup guide for our client repo. Or specifically for the web-vault after going through the setup guide.

It must be the installation of packages. Is this an older clone/fork that just got updated with git pull upstream master? Possible still have jslib-folders present. Please delete all of them.

Also running npm audit fix will change the dependencies present in the package.json file, which might cause issues.

Kind regards,