Bug report

Hi, don’t know how else to report a bug. When on a website login page and invoke bitwarden, it asks for fingerprint and that’s ok. Bitwarden then shows correct entry for the website. If you swipe down from the url details, the Bitwarden window goes blank and the browser is frozen and has to be closed down and restarted.
Using safari on iPad Pro.

Hi there :wave:

This place is for feature requests or help between users. For bug reports you should head to GitHub (https://github.com/bitwarden).
Your problem seem related to the mobile app, so the correct repository would be https://github.com/bitwarden/mobile/issues. You can open issues using the green button at the top.

Please include as many details as possible:

  • your device (iPad pro)
  • the version of your OS (can be found in the Settings app > General > About > Software version)
  • the version of the Bitwarden app (Bitwarden app > Settings > About)
  • the steps to reproduce the issue