Bug Report: Vault not following chosen security settings in Linux Fedora

I am running Fedora 39 and Fedora 40, and using Brave Browser.
I have chosen automatic vault lock in browser extension settings, it should lock “On system lock”. But it never locks.

I actually manually locked my machine 24 hours ago and when returning and unlocking, the BW extension is open with no requirement to enter password to unlock.

Just thought I’d report it here as I’ve noticed it for quite a few weeks/months now.


Can you clarify on that part a bit? - I read that as:

manually locked it → unlocked it (“returning and unlocking”) → and then I couldn’t unlock it (“is open with no requirement to enter password to unlock”)???

So did you unlock it then - or couldn’t unlock because it was not locked after manual locking?

Because otherwise, you seem to describe two problems then (?!):

  1. no automatic locking

  2. when manually locking, it doesn’t lock as well, but remains unlocked


Sorry! When I said I manually locked ‘it’, I meant the machine! So I locked my user account (system lock), which means the BW extension should have locked at that point but was still unlocked 24 hours later when I unlocked the machine again.

@steviegee …and Sorry, that I misunderstood that so much. But thanks for the clarification. And in general, bugs can be reported on GitHub: Bitwarden · GitHub

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