Bug in the Chrome extension fingerprint unlock

Bug BW doesn't pick the matching entry right after unlocking · Issue #3716 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub was opened for the Chrome extension on MacOS almost two weeks ago but still doesn’t have any response. Is there something else that needs to be done to have it addressed?

(The bug is that the extension will not show matching entries of the current page if the vault is unlocked with fingerprint in a specific way)

I’ve read a few places that the developers are pretty busy with getting Bitwarden browser extensions ready for Manifest V3, so that is probably why it’s slow going on some of the minor bug fixes for now.

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Thanks very much for your response, @grb

Hey @amoss if you remove and reinstall the updated version, are you still seeing this issue? 2022.10.0

What I did at your suggestion:

  1. Removed the extension (from both profiles I have on this Chrome instance)
  2. Restart Chrome (with chrome://restart)
  3. Re-installed and re-configured the extension to unlock with biometrics and auto-lock on system lock.

When I now click on the extension icon to unlock it, the “Read Fingerprint” Mac window pops up instantly, not giving me even a chance to click on the “Unlock with biometrics” button. (I can’t click that button once the MacOS Fingerprint reading window pops up).
I’d consider this a solution.
I’ll wait and see if it stays that way in a few days of usage.

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Update - it’s been about a week since I re-installed the BitWarden Chrome extension and it seems to work fine - it pops up the MacOS fingerprint window instantly and automatically fills in the matching entries when unocked.