Bug? Can't use desktop Authy to authenticate Firefox extension login

I can’t use desktop Authy to authenticate Firefox extension login. The floating login page with the competed password on it disappears and reverts to the first page (pre-password paste) when I call up desktop Authy to obtain my authentication token.

One workaround is to obtain the Authy token before entering the password, remembering it, and entering it without clicking away from the floating page - clumsy.

The disappearing floating page also prevents use of KeePassXC Auto-Type (have to click away to KeePassXC) and therefore requires the use of cut-paste to transfer really complex passwords. Many of us prefer not to cut-paste passwords, due to their exposure on the clipboard.

I would prefer to see the now-floating page disappear either over time - perhaps 30 seconds - and/or a page closure button, instead automatically with a click-away.