Browser plugin - entries sorted alphabetically not by last usage

HI, I’m using Bitwarden for quite a long time. I have cloud and self hosted solutions, have many organizations and hundreds of entries in dozens of collections.

Main problem with browser plugin is finding an entry to select one for autocompletion. Bitwarden remembers last usage and sorts entries not alphabetically, but rather by last usage. This is bad, really bad. I often have to scroll through 30 entries to find one and the list is always different. I support many clients, many companies and always select random entries.

Suggestion: add an option to the browser plugin to ALWAYS SORT ENTRIES ALPHABETICALLY.

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I’m not sure what you mean. The vault is ordered alphabetically, and any item that matches the URI of the page you’re on is shown at the top of the screen.

Do you mean sorting of entries that all match the URI of the current page? That is, say you have 10 entries for Google[.]com, you want those ten items to be sorted alphabetically by username?

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First look how bad is to use unordered list. I don’t want to use search here, I just want to quickly find an item and best way of doing that is just scrolling. But the list is not sorted, because the whole list is sorted by last usage.

I have a better idea. Always sort the list alphabetically (account name) and only show last used item on the top. Only one.

Why I don’t want to use searching? Because it’s not usable! :fearful: Here is the example - i want to find my login for m365 admin account. I am on login(dot)microsoftonline(dot)com domain but after searching the list shows me different entries for different services and not only entries for this particular domain!

Searching should work as login suggestion - should only show domains that are pattern compatible. If I am on the domain example(dot)com, Bitwarden shows me logins for this domain. If the list is big like 200 entries I might want to use searching but then, search only through already suggested entries for example(dot)com.

So in general to sum up my suggestions - If I want to login to M365 account - show me only logins for that, sort the list and If I want to search for a login - show me only logins for the domain I am on and not for other domains.

Please do consider these. I consulted them many times with my whole team.

These would be a LIFE CHANGER for my team and I bet for others having similar usability problems especially MSPs and admins using hundreds of accounts.