Browser plugin - entries sorted alphabetically not by last usage

HI, I’m using Bitwarden for quite a long time. I have cloud and self hosted solutions, have many organizations and hundreds of entries in dozens of collections.

Main problem with browser plugin is finding an entry to select one for autocompletion. Bitwarden remembers last usage and sorts entries not alphabetically, but rather by last usage. This is bad, really bad. I often have to scroll through 30 entries to find one and the list is always different. I support many clients, many companies and always select random entries.

Suggestion: add an option to the browser plugin to ALWAYS SORT ENTRIES ALPHABETICALLY.

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I’m not sure what you mean. The vault is ordered alphabetically, and any item that matches the URI of the page you’re on is shown at the top of the screen.

Do you mean sorting of entries that all match the URI of the current page? That is, say you have 10 entries for Google[.]com, you want those ten items to be sorted alphabetically by username?

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I have the same problem. let’s say you are on and you have 4 logins labeled 1. 2. 3. 4., by default they show up in that order, but after you click (let’s say on 2.) and it fills, the next time I come back on, and use the shortcut to open bitwarden, now it’s 2. 1. 3. 4., instead of sorting by alphabetical order. MAJOR PROBLEM, pleas fix.

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It isn’t a “major problem”, it’s designed to work this way. If you have multiple logins to one site, Bitwarden defaults to autofilling the most recently used account. The [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+L keyboard shortcut autofills the first item in the list, with each subsequent press cycling through the various available logins. If it was purely alphabetic order, you would always need to cycle through to get to the desired credential. Defaulting to the last used one avoids this problem.

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Yes, it a major problem, because if you are an MSP and work something like 100 accounts for a service then it is a “disaster level problem”.

This should be configurable - so users have ability to use alphabetical ordering or not.

All my coworkers say that currently it’s super hard to find particular entry on the list and we use mostly different logins (because of different clients).

Current functionality works perfectly for 1 user with 1 account, but man, try to use it with let’s say 50-100 different accounts.

Yes, Dan, I want to login into let’s say, because some client calls me with a problem to solve. This redirects me to and I login here. Now I click the plugin and try to find the calling client’s login on the list.

I need to find particular login quickly on the list that is very very long. And the list is not sorted. My usual reaction is OMG why on earth the list is not sorted? Why do I have to scroll through randomized list?

I rarely use “last login”, usually for my own accounts but I (and my people) work mostly on different random accounts for particular service.

This is MAJOR problem. Really.

If I may put words in @danmullen’s mouth, I think his point may have been that the current behavior is not a bug that needs to be “fixed”. However, this thread is a feature request, not a bug report, so proposing desired changes in the UI behavior is appropriate here.

@danmullen also points out that auto-filling of the most recently used login item is needed if you use the keyboard shortcut method (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+L) to auto-fill, in which case pressing the shortcut repeatedly cycles through the available logins in order of most recent use.

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That’s fair enough, and I think having alphabetical sorting as an option is perfectly reasonable. I was replying to the last poster, whose example sounded more like a single user with a few logins to one site.

Thanks @grb for pointing ctrl+shift+L feature. Tbh we rarely use it as we have a lot of different logins for same service as I pointed out in previous posts. Nevertheless this might be usable for single accounts. I’ll try to use it whenever I can.

On the other side… even without ctrl+shift+L Bitwarden seems totally usable as clicking the blue icon and selecting the one login on the list feels natural, but scrolling randomized list when you have 30 logins for particular site… feels unnatural and cumbersome.

I use bitwarden about 100-200 times a day. For me two additional mouse clicks are comparable to clicking ctrl+shift with my left hand and clicking L with my right hand. If the ctrl+shift+L hotkey wanted be a true optimization this would be something like ctrl+shift+Q or whaterver usable with just one hand.

Currently without the list of logins sorted alphabetically we tried to used “search” function quickly but it’s really unusable. Please think also how “searching” works currently. It searches through all items, not for this particular domain we are currently on. As I am on “” the plugin loads all logins that exists for this service, shows (currently) randomized list of these logins and I would expect that the plugin would search within what is currently loaded and not within full database. To be precise when I want to login into m365, I would go to, some list of login would be loaded, I would write client name in search and just click it. Everything could be in “current context” which is current domain. I pointed this out in some other post some time ago. Imo current behaviour is less natural than proposed by me, because If I am on particular site and have big list of logins and try to search by client’s name - I get totally random results of random services. I know about search operators etc, but current context feels more natural simply put.

I feel that as we use the plugin when we are in some context (some domain we try to login into) all interactions with the plugin should be within this context primarly. If I am on some domain and the list is empty then OK - we could search for whatever entry wherever it exists because we have no other option.

These 2 things (alphabetical list and search within logins only for current domain by default) would be true QOL for us.

Note, you can customise the autofill keyboard shortcut by going into the plugin settings.

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It’s not actually “randomized”, but I understand why it may feel that way.

Until this feature is implement, your best bet to get a manageable alphabetically sorted listing would be to move all accounts associated with the same site into a common folder. Then you can use the folder view, which is alphabetized, to find a specific account.

Interestingly, when using search, items that have the same BM25 score appear to be sorted in reverse alphabetical order.