Browser integration only in the Mac App Store version?

Hi all.
Why is this?

I don’t want to rely on the Mac App Store, I’m using Homebrew to install and maintain software on my devices (both Win and MacOS).

Hi @FlavioB This is an Apple requirement.

Oh, ok… in what terms? Can you detail?

I have seen this quoted in two places on the Apple developer forum.

Distribution to end-users for Safari Web Extensions is limited to the Mac App Store.

and read from a post in one of them

I filed a ticket with DTS, and they basically told me that “The behavior and resulting limitations you describe are by design. Safari Web Extensions must be distributed via the AppStore.”

But that’s referring to Safari extensions - I’m running Chromium-based browsers (Chrome and Brave)…

Mention of that earlier might have saved some replies :slightly_smiling_face:

Not my area now.