Browser integration is not set up

Hello BW community,
My laptop has biometric access, but I can not tick the box where it says “unlock with biometrics” when trying to do that a message appears “Browser integration is not set up in the Bitwarden desktop application. Please set it up in the settings within the desktop application” please can someone tell me how to unlock with biometrics.

@jss Welcome to the forum!

Have you installed the Desktop app?

Within the Desktop app settings, have you enabled biometrics?

Is the Desktop app running and logged in when you try to enable biometrics for your browser extension?

Instructions can be found here:

Thanks will try this.

Apparently, biometrics does not work with Edge browser.

The biometrics feature is definitely supported for Edge browsers, so it is not clear why you make that claim. It does seem based on some reports on Github, that some users of Edge and Chrome experience problems from time to time.

You may want to attempt the troubleshooting steps described in the following comment on Github:

If that doesn’t work, please contact Bitwarden support.

I went through the Unlocking with Biometrics process and not working for me.

About the biometrics not working on Edge, I have taken a screenshot of the wording it says that it is not supported on the MS store version, which I can not upload.

Hello. After reseting Mac to default settings got the same error. Desktop app installed, browser integration turned on but extension in Yandex Browser displaying an error.