Browser Integration in the Linux version

Hi, just wondering if there’s a road map to this. Is it something I can expect soon or?
If there’s some work around available I’d love to know that as well.

As background I wanted to enable fingerprint unlock -I installed fprintd and tested that it was working by temporarily allowing it as auth for login and sudo -once that was working I tried to enable it in the bitwarden settings in the addon, which asked I enable desktop integration in the desktop app. I managed to find that option with some kind help from Profile - grb - Bitwarden Community Forums but when I toggle that option I get “Unfortunately browser integration is currently not supported in the Linux version.”

Thank you.

Even if you get the browser integration set up, the desktop app does not hook into fprintd/polkit at the moment. I made a PR, adding support a while ago:

But it is currently unclear when the Bitwarden dev team will get around to reviewing it. If you feel comfortable building the desktop app, it should work today if you rebase it to the latest master branch and build it.

Thanks very much for the reply and explanation.
I think I probably could rebase and build but I’m not sure I should -even if the process was pretty straight forward and short I’m not sure I’m competent to manage things if I broke it or an update introduced complications.
Thank you again!