Browser extension UI default action consistency

The UI changes depending on whether Bitwarden is able to autofill or not, I find confusing and disruptive to a seamless/brainless user experience.

  1. If I’m somewhere on website A (passed the login) and click the credentials (to see a related note for example), it will try to autofill

    . In order to open the credentials I then have to click on small card icon.

  2. If I’m using the search, clicking credentials is however opening the said credentials and there is no small card icon. There is an option to launch though.

I think for consistency it should be better to always have the card icon, that the user can always reach out to without “thinking” to view the notes or perform edits afterwards

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@qualaelay Hi!

Here is an info about the new upcoming browser extensions: Bringing intuitive workflows and visual updates to the Bitwarden browser extension | Bitwarden Blog

And maybe you can add your suggestions in the short survey to the new extensions (link to the survey is in the blog article).