Browser Extension on Brave, Can't login

I’m just changing my browser to Brave.

When logging in to Bitwarden’s browser extension I get an error stating that username or password is incorrect. I know that they’re correct and it works on all other browsers (except Tor)

After reading other posts here on the same problem, I removed the ! I had in my master password, but that did not help and I still get the same error

OS: PC running Windows 10.
Browser: Brave latest version (1.57.47)
Bitwarden Browser Extension: v. 2023.7.0

Is there nobody that can help with this?

Hi Jilly,

I’ve encountered the same issue in Firefox and Android app. In my case it was related to the region that my data is kept (there is now a region option when you login). Even though I live in Europe, my data is kept in US. If I try using EU, it doesn’t recognise my logins.

I quickly read a little about this and it seems users and their data are completely separate between regions. Support page says the functionality is the same, so it shouldn’t matter generally.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you!! Yes, it was that! Thought they were asking where I was LOL!