Browser extension icon: old red dot was better than new black & white padlock

When the vault is locked, the browser extension icon now has a padlock in the bottom corner, black with a white border. This isn’t very high contrast and it’s hard to see at a glance what it is and what it means. The old way, with a red dot in the corner, was much easier to notice quickly. I would like to see this change reverted, or some change to the padlocks shape and colour to make it as easily noticeable as the red dot.

Agreed. I much preferred the previous red and green dots for vault status. Much easier to see at a glance.

I agree. The entire new icon set is terrible for readability

I don’t fully agree with all others, but I do support having this be a user preference! I like both, but would likely use the red/green indicators myself.

I gather the change suits colorblind users better, but agree the tiny padlock badge isn’t ideal. Would recommend instead changing the icon appearance itself – e.g., some suggestions:

  • Make the BitWarden shield black (or better, dark-gray) on a white BG when locked, which changes to the white shield on blue BG when unlocked (here the b/w inversion suits colorblind users); …or…
  • Make the BitWarden shield itself the body of a padlock, with a shackle on top that’s open when the vault is unlocked, closed when locked.
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I think that previows ícon red dot its visualy better than the new white padlock, dont have a big contrast of colors than the previows ícon !