Browser Extension 2023.7.0 performance issue on Edge 114.0.1823.67

Following the extension update to 2023.7.0 on Edge, the Bitwarden extension is almost completely unusable, using a lot of CPU and memory, and almost never loads stored credentials - instead you get the spinning ‘loading’ logo.

Anyone else seeing similar issues?



We deploy Bitwarden in Edge extension via Microsoft Group Policy and we have same problem :

  • Application is very slow to use
  • Ask many time to authenticate

High usage in Edge Task manager.

Waiting for news

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I’m having the exact same issue with this version of the extension on Edge 114.0.1823.79 and a selfhosted Bitwarden v2023.3.0. Will try to upgrade the server to see if that helps.
Is there a way to downgrade the extension? It’s pretty much unusable.

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Same on my side and some colleague. Extensions shows as logged out, does not autofill or asks for pin login on every click on the Bitwarden icon. It is currently unusable.

Same problem here on M1 chip.
Edge Version 114.0.1823.79 (Official build) (arm64)

Just got the bitwarden upgrade to 2023.7.0 and it’s unusable. Using cloud version.

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Hi, I have exactly the same problem, I have currently abandoned Edge temporarily in favor of Chrome for this reason…

Same here using Edge 114.0.1823.79 with self hosted bitwarden.
Really slow and Auto fill not working with plugin 2023.07

Edge Version, and Bitwarden Extension Version 2023.7.0, having the same issues.

Other users have version 2023.5.1 and same version of Edge and have no problems.

GH issue where this is being tracked: Slow performance in v2023.7.0 for Edge extension · Issue #5807 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

The same problem here. The plugin is not usable!
I use a selfhosting instance

Sorry - i saw it right now. Issue is tracked!

The same with me. Slow, no auto-fill. This version is useless…
Version 2023.5.1 works fine!

Yeah, it’s unusable at the moment. Working fine in Firefox, which is my browser of choice, but I use Edge at work and it’s completely unresponsive.

same issue here

Same as the rest, its running dog slow to totally unresponsive on Edge.

Hopefully the Chrome side does not follow with similar performance hit or other issues.

same, completely unusable with latest version of BW and Edge issue just started today.

Seeing the same issue here. The update yesterday killed our ability to use Bitwarden in Edge. Any chance we can revert back to the last version?

TL;DR: Downloading and installing latest version of Edge extension (v2023.7.1) from Github solved it for me. For now.

Be sure to turn on “Developer mode” under “Extensions” in Edge, next click “Load Unpacked” and select extracted Zip folder

EDIT: And do not forget to switch back to the automatically updating MS Edge Extensions Store variant as soon as v2023.7.1 or newer gets released there, of course!

The extension has been updated in the MS Edge Extensions Store


Glad I checked the forum. I had already uninstalled and reinstalled earlier today, but the problem remained. However, version 2023.7.1 does appear to have fixed the issue.

Been happily using Bitwarden for a couple of years. Today in Microsoft Edge it’s almost unusable. In Google Chrome it works as usual. Using Win 10 and 11. Edge v. 14.0.1823.79 (Official build) (64-bit)

Edge: Slow for the window to open, then BW popup starts out grey with spinner, after the spinner goes away the popup is just an opaque grey rectangle. After a substantial delay my entries are displayed.

Clicking an entry does not autofill or open it unless I click the view icon and then click auto-fill.

Any suggestions?