Browser context menu nesting structure is unnecessary and annoying

Almost two year ago this feature has been requested already and there has not been any progress on it ever since:

I also have requested that feature multiple time by e-mail as a premium customer. We are talking about a very simple code change and I don’t think anyone will mind if s/he doesn’t always have to go down one extra level to choose a login to fill into the current page.

I just cannot understand why the resistance about such a simple feature, the current nesting is just annoying. Most users have a single login and if not, they have maybe 2 or at most 3. And in 99% of the time users want a login to be prefilled and not copy usernames/passwords, so it’s not a requirement to flatten everything, just flatten the logins would already make a lot of people very happy. Why don’t you want your users to be happy?

And within a single day it should be possible to add an option, so in the end everyone could be happy and just choose if logins are flattened. Please explain what the problem is to add that feature? As a software coder, I really don’t understand it.

    Fill john.smith (
    Fill [email protected] (
   Copy Username >
   Copy Password >
   Generate Password (copied)

Hello @CodingMarkus,
I was reading your feature request and I was not sure If i understand it right. Do you mean by visiting a site you use? :

  1. Right click on the field
  2. Bitwarden
  3. Auto-fill
  4. Select user name and password

@Pulsar You don’t have to right click on any field, you can right click anywhere on the page and use Bitwarden from the context menu. Yet it is annoying that you first have to go one extra level (“Auto-fill”) if you want to quickly have your login filled out somewhere. For users with just a single login this entire extra level makes no sense at all. What is it grouping, when there is just a single login? And even if there are multiple logins, what is the action you usually want to perform? Correct, you want to fill in login data. So name me just one reason to not offer logins directly on top of the first sub menu? This is explained very detailed in the GitHub issue I linked with various suggestions what the menu could look like instead.

Thank you @CodingMarkus,
I did not know that it existed before your feature request :slight_smile: (learned something).
I usualy use CRTL+SHIFT+L to auto-fill. If the keyboard shortcut is not a good compromise, I will support your cause :wink: .

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@Pulsar The problem with the shortcut is that it won’t let me choose which login, as on some sites I have multiple logins (e.g. a private one and one for work, in some cases even multiple private ones and multiple ones for work or a private one and a family account, and so on). At some developer sites, I have to re-login maybe 30 times a day using different accounts for different tasks.

There is an option, at least in the Firefox Add-On, if you want a context menu entry at all or not, so I see no reason why there cannot be a second option below if you want the logins flat on top level or on a sub level. Or make it a drop down and add options like “Items are on sub-levels”, “Logins are on top level”, “Everything is on top level”. This should really not be hard to implement.

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If you are using the browser extension, then why bother going through all the levels of the context menu to begin with? Just do what most people do and click on the Bitwarden icon in your browser’s toolbar, select the appropriate login from the list, and boom - your info is autofilled.

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@dh024 The toolbar is often very far away on a 32" display with UHD resolution.

Also why is that feature than offered at all? I’m here to request that this feature is improved, not asking for ways how to avoid it. Fix it or remove it! The way it is implemented right now makes it useless to most people.

Bitwarden icon on browser toolbar does not work in Private Tab on Firefox by the way.

The toolbar icon is also not available in pop-up windows. E.g. when you choose to pay with PayPal on ebay a pop-up opens to log into PayPal. This pop-up has no toolbar to begin with. So it certainly makes sense to have a context menu entry.

And I know all the alternatives like shortcuts and toolbar icons; this request is not about alternatives, this request is about improving an existing feature and as one can see from the linked GitHub issue, it wasn’t my idea and other second that request already. And I doubt that only a single user would object that change. But while requests used to be implemented in only a couple of weeks after they were made in the beginning of bitwarden (I’ve been an early customer), meanwhile I only see that requests get entirely ignored and this forum is just another attempt to get them out of the way of the developers. This is the same road that LastPass took and the main reason why I canceled my premium membership with them and moved to bitwarden instead. Bitwarden did everything correct that LP did wrong but instead of adding really useful features, we get a horribly ugly new color theme that nobody asked for.

I think it is important to note that as any project gets bigger, and as more users join and make requests, there is going to be a longer process in making changes.

Plus there are other requests with a lot more votes than this one.

I don’t think this is a bad idea necessarily, just one that has not received much backing at this stage. So the devs are probably focussing on other requests with more support.


For anyone interested, I created a fork of the bitwarden/browser repo from GitHub, and removed the extra context menu.

Publishing to Chrome Web Store seems like a hassle right now, so if you want to use it, you currently have to (Warning, you have to have some basic knowledge in development, sorry. If anyone interested in packaging this up and distribute it on Chrome Web Store, just write me!):

  1. pre-install git and Node.js
  2. clone the repository
  3. run npm i
  4. run npm run build
  5. load the package in the chrome extensions tab with developer mode enabled

Enjoy :slight_smile:



If logged out, the context menu item will say “Vault is locked” if “Vault is logged out”

If logged in, the context menu will contain all the items under “Generate Password”.

Clicking any of them will auto-fill as it would from the “Auto-fill” sub-context menu.