Browser: Automatically show login if fill shortcut is used but it's still locked

I like to use the shortcut (Ctrl-Shift-L), but if it’s still locked, nothing happens. I can use Ctrl-Shift-Y, but it would save me a few seconds if it would open up and perhaps show a “Please unlock your passwords” type message when it opens.

This has already been asked but it’s been answered that it’s not feasible due to browser limitations, though I can’t find the related thread(s) :slight_smile:

I know this is “old”, but I would also like to have to Ctrl-Shift-L auto-fill shortcut to allow unlocking the vault, as it’s quite frustrating every time I want to fill and my vault is locked having to unlock with Ctrl+Shit+Y first… :expressionless: Thanks!

Edit: desired behavior is neatly described here:

Issue discussed here:

Potential fix being worked on here:

Closing the topic, as this has been implemented and is available in the current release: Release Notes | Bitwarden Help & Support