[Browser] [Android] Login Field for accounts.bahn.de not recognized

Hi there,

I noticed that browser and android are not able to locate the login field on accounts.bahn.de. Is there anything you can do about that or does Deutsche Bahn need to fix this?

Since Deutsche Bahn is a very popular website in Germany (and some parts of Europe) I think it is rather important to support this use case.

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I moved your post from the Feature Request section into the “Ask the Community” section of the forum, since you are posting about a problem and not requesting a new feature.

I have confirmed that the browser extension is unable to auto-fill the username field at accounts.bahn.de (even if using custom fields); I was unable to test the password field, as I do not have a Deutsche Bahn account.

I would recommend that you report this issue using the Auto-Fill Failure Report form that is available for this purpose:

Thanks for the help! Will do.

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