Bring back skipping the passkey popup if no passkeys exist

For a short time when logging in with a passkey bitwarden would automatically hand off to the next passkey manager if no passkeys existed.
With the January? release this behaviour changed to always show the popup and you have to manually select to use a device or hardware key, and change this default for the site to “just once” or “always”.

I believe this is an unnecessary regression and it gets in the way of a seamless workflow.

Proposed change:
If a website initiates a passkey intent, and the bitwarden vault does not contain a passkey, automatically skip the popup and allow the OS to trigger the following passkey manager in the queue


I have found the pull request where it was removed (7135) which indicates it was removed as it would notify the site as to whether Bitwarden stored a credential.

As this may not be a concern to everyone when compared to the convenience it provides, maybe it could be returned as an optional setting with a warning before it is enabled

I’m not sure why it would have to notify the site. Does it notify the website when you click one of the options? It seems that it should just run the same logic as selecting “Just Once” when no passkey is present,