Brave browser extra extention icon?


With latest brave browser on windows 10 I get an extra extention icon?


Notcied that I don’t get the same icon on linux.

I guess it showed up during an upgrade of either the extention or the browser since I did not have that before. The extention is working fine so it is more a cosmetic issue

I’ve tried reinstaling the extention but the icon shows up…

Any hints to get rid of the extra extention icon?

Thanks in advance.

That icon is from Brave for you to manage your available extensions. Been Brave a Chromium browser maybe there is a similar path in order to deactivate it like in Chrome:

EDIT: there is


Thanks! That solved it :slight_smile:

I guess the default “Extensions Toolbar Menu” is Enabled in brave.


I noticed that the “Extentions Toolbar Menu” option is no longer present in newer version of brave
(i’m running [ Version 1.17.73 Chromium: 87.0.4280.67 ])

So the extention button is back again :frowning:

Any hints?

They can remove flags at any time so it might have been removed.

Anyone else seeing the extra extention icond in brave/chrome?

Is this caused by something with bitwarden extention? since other extentions do not render that extra icon?

I am also seeing it @M1ch43lK. If you want to make sure it is present for all extensions. Just remove Bitwarden Extension and use any other extension, then also it will be present.

After some searching I managed to find the following thread

The feature is disabled in flags but you can add --disable-features=ExtensionsToolbarMenu
to the command line to get rid of the useless toolbar menu.

I have also been looking for a solution. Thanks, @M1ch43lK.