Brave browser extensions denies vault access despite correct credentials

Hi all,

I started to use the Brave web browser on Linux and installed the Bitwarden extension. However,despite entering correct credentials it denies me access (Error: username or password are incorrect). I verified this by copying the exact same credentials into the Bitwarden website to access my vault, and there they work.

Anybody else having similar issues?

Thanks for pointers/Evert

Yes, since yesterday with the Firefox extension though (and the android app). But no problem with the website vault.

@Evert_Homan Welcome to the forum!

Can you confirm that on the login screen, you have selected the Region (US or EU) corresponding to the region in which your account is registered?

Interesting, it works if I choose US as Region, but I live in EU (Sweden)…

This is because the EU servers were just made available (last month, I believe), so if you created your Bitwarden account before then, then it is hosted on the original servers in the US.


Thanks! You’re a star. I was sure I’d tried this first, but maybe I had IP issues yesterday too. I have an old account so needed to be US too.

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