Brand New User (previous LastPass user)

I’m a brand new bitwarden user have jumped from LastPass and I have a few questions. Most of these are related to features I used regularly in LastPass and I would they they should all be available in bitwarden.

  1. Can I auto fill my personal information on a form (name, address, phone)?

  2. When I signed up for this forum and entered a users name and had bitwarden generate me a password, and unlike LastPass, bitwarden never gave me an option to save this new website.

Hell @TAC - welcome to Bitwarden and the community forums.

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, you can absolutely do this. Just create a new Identity item in your vault with your personal information.

  2. Generally, Bitwarden will prompt you to save new logins, but I have found that it is not always 100% successful at detecting them. What I have found works best is to always create my new logins in Bitwarden first, then autofill the new username/password into the website’s registration form when you signup. If you are coming from another password manager, that may sound backwards, but the method seems to always work and is slightly more efficient (e.g., you don’t have to generate a password then go back to the website and manually paste it in twice to complete a new login registration form).

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@dh024 I have a personal identity item but when I go to a page that wants my personal info I don’t see where in bitwarden I click to have it paste my information into the webpage.

Ok, great. If you have the identity created then all you have to do is visit the web page, then click on the Bitwarden extension icon in your browser, and you should see the identiy in the window that pops up. Click the little card icon for the identity (or right on the name of the identiy) and it should autofill the web form.

The recommened approach according to the manual is to go to the website login and while you are there, click on the Bitwarden icon and add the website and enter the user name and password and then bitwarden will autofill the site you are adding. This seemed a bit backwards but seems to work. I think Bitwarden is not as good as Lastpass at saving websites.

As a former last pass user, my most useful advise would be to treat Bitwarden as a new app with its own GUI. Not all features in Last Pass are in Bitwarden and vice versa.

Yes this is how it worked in LastPass. In Bitwarden when I’m at a page prompting me for my name, address, phone, email and I click the extension icon, either it doesn’t show identity icons or, if it does and I select my name, it doesn’t fill it in.

I have found and double check the identity entries in Bitwarden and that data looks good.