Both Authenticator and Duo show green ticks next to them

I wonder if anyone could help please?

Originally I setup Authy for my 2FA, both for my Bitwarden account, as well as other logins - everything worked exactly as intended.

Since I’m a premium member, I decided to look at Duo, and swapped over all my 2FA to that - everything was checked and verified to work correctly. I then removed all my information from within the Authy app, and deleted that. No problems - all OK.

However, on my Bitwarden page, I see that both the “Authenticator” and “Duo” items both have a green tick mark against them. I went into the “Manage” option of the Authenticator section, but it’s not clear exactly what that does…it looks very much like I will be turning off 2FA for Bitwarden if I follow that???

Am I supposed to have a green tick against BOTH the “Authenticator” and “Duo” sections?

if you have them both configured, yes. you can disable one if you dont want to use it.

Thanks. How do I do that? In the “Manage” option?