Block autofill dropdown on desktop per-domain

Using the Chrome extension on desktop, can I block the autofill dropdown from appearing for a particular domain? Or form element?

For example, playing the game, the Bitwarden dropdown on the country field is irritating and irrelevant.
Screenshot 2024-03-22 092453

I tried adding to my Excluded Domains but that had no effect.

I’d prefer not to disable the dropdown everywhere, as it’s often useful.

Bitwarden extension 2024.2.1 for Chrome on Windows 11.

@matthewr Welcome to the forum!

I’ve experimented with a few approaches to attempt to solve this problem, but it seems there is no work-around available for disabling the in-line auto-fill menu on a per-domain basis.

You could try to report it as an “auto-fill failure” using the form below, and hope for the best:

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Thanks! I’ve reported the issue on that form.

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