Blacklist: disable Bitwarden extension entirely for specific sites

Similar to the request to disable autofill:

But I think a blacklist where Bitwarden won’t operate, at all, on specific sites would help when dealing with issues such as the PayPal login problems.

To clarify, even if I’m not using autofill, something about BW seems to interfere with PayPal. Currently I have to disable the extension, login to PayPal, then re-enable it.

Since BW works great with most sites, being able to maintain a small blacklist of sites it ignores entirely would be nice. As in it doesn’t scan, doesn’t autofill, so as far as the site is concerned it doesn’t even exist.

Seems like a reasonable way to avoid the moving target of all the “Bitwarden doesn’t work/breaks site X/Y/Z” too.

I am out of votes, but being able to completely disable Bitwarden on specific sites would be very useful.

Device? OS? Browser?

Windows 10 20H2, Google Chrome:
Since a long time (months) I do not see any issue when trying to log into PayPal.

I vote for this, it is quite annoying to have to deny bitwarden everytime I check my online banking, which I don’t want to store.
Web extension, Chrome, Win11.

A blacklist feature is already available in Bitwarden, or are you guys asking for something different?


That would be great to have this feature in the Android app also, specifically to disable BW to complete on some other apps :slight_smile:

As mentioned here (*) to get this done just set the “Match detection option” of the relevant URI to “Never”:


(*) Using URIs | Bitwarden Help Center