Bitwaren self hosted on Synology NAS

Hello :slight_smile:

I can access the web interface via: http://IP_SYNOLOGY:3373
I would only access bitwarden locally.
I road that bitwarden requires https - this I solved with synology reverse proxy.

The web interface is now accessable via: https://SYNOLOGY_DSM_NAME:3373
(login and bitwarden works !)

With the windows and macOS client I can access my bitwarden server.
For this I use the server address https://SYNOLOGY_DSM_NAME:3373 angegeben.

But with the ios App I get this error:

An error has occurred.
Exception message: An SSL error has occurred. A secure connection to the server cannot be established.

Any idea?


same issue here, did you get it solved?


I have the same problem on all my iOS devices.

Any luck with the app? What version of iOS are you running?
Thank you

No luck …
In all iOS versions since 15.0.
I dont have the problem on my iPad Mini whichs runs 15.0

How have you managed to make the Apple app working on you iPad please?
I am lost with how to ass the certificate to my iPhone, no clue whatsoever.
Thank you

To be honest, I just installed the app.

Does it work with your NAS, if yes how or what did you do please?
I am just trying to figure it out, what am I doing wrong because I have not had the luck to make it work with NAS and the iOS Bitwarden app.
Thank you

I would just like to note here:

This article linked documents how to install Vaultwarden inside of docker on your Synology NAS, there are a few other articles I have seen online which references the two interchangeably.

Due to Bitwarden’s awesome open-source codebase and community aspect Vaultwarden is a spin-off, or fork of the greater Bitwarden codebase.
Specifically the server API which the clients can also communicate to in the instance of self-hosted installs. The Vaultwarden code is hosted on Github and is written in Rust which makes it ideal for much smaller installs where hardware requirements may be sparse. I believe it can even be ran on something as small as a Raspberry Pi.

Vaultwarden is an unofficial 3rd party product and is not affiliated with Bitwarden. While the server API codebase is compatible, it should be noted there are some features that may be missing.
This will also still require you to download and use the free Bitwarden client applications for browser, desktop, or mobile in conjunction with the 3rd party product as Vaultwarden does not provide their own.
The Bitwarden clients handle encryption locally prior to ever being sent to any server, however there could arise an issue where Bitwarden clients update in such a way that things break between the Vaultwarden server and how Bitwarden clients expects certain behaviors.

Moreover being that Bitwarden cannot guarantee or support a separate 3rd party project, it is recommended that support issues with the official product be directed here to these community forums or by directly contacting Bitwarden support; while support issues with Vaultwarden be directed to Vaultwarden’s own community forums which have been set up by the maintainers.

Many users of Vaultwarden will also tend to purchase a premium subscription (currently $10 USD/year) as a means to support the continued development of the main Bitwarden codebase and is encouraged to support in any way they can by the creator of the Vaultwarden project.

As I understand Bitwarden could probably make a big hassle and send lawyers with cease-and-desist letters to the Vaultwarden team, but instead Bitwarden maintains a community approach and simply asks that Vaultwarden expressly note that this is a 3rd party project and is not affiliated with the official team at 8bit Solutions.

Vaultwarden is primarily aimed towards small businesses such a possibly a mom & pop store, and personal use such as in a homelab.
If you do have further questions about the project feel free to check out the Vaultwarden wiki or come visit us on the Vaultwarden community forums.

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