Bitwared firefox did not ask save

Just now when i registered here on the site, firefox asked to save password etc.
But bitwarden did not ask.
So i logged out, and logged in again, it did not ask again.
The addon pre-filled my webvault info that is sawed and shows in the addon, i did not touch the login id field, but changed the password for the forum with the new password i created for this account.

Also, can i have the bitwarden addon to “scan” saved password and import those that does not exists to 100% the same as others?

I just signed up a few minutes ago and experienced the same thing. I recently moved over from LastPass and I’ve purchased a premium account as I’m always happy to support open source software, but bitwarden failing to automatically save a password when signing up on its own community forum is a bit embarrassing. I’ve found several bug reports (ranging from 2017) on github for the same issue and it looks like they’re fixing the issue on a per website basis, so it’s a little clumsy.

Also, the lack of auto fill (having to manually fill fields), and the lack of automatic login (i.e., automatically enter credentials and log into paypal as soon as the page loads) kinda sucks.


Did you look in the settings of the extension?

(Chrome Settings have it anyway)

I’m not sure if its bit of a security risk auto filling passwords but I could be wrong.

@Jonny thanks, that has fixed part of the issue. Not sure why this is referred to as an experimental feature seeing as every other password manager in existence offers it as a basic feature, but thanks nonetheless.

I’ve noticed many password managers have trouble with discourse forums like this one here. It’s how they use an overlay that confuses password managers.

But that should not matter as Bitwarden shows you how to create a new account that solves your problem.

I’m having this same issue in Chrome a noticed all the existing topics (from 2017) as well. Something I’ve noticed in Chrome is that when I click the extension icon in the browser before submitting a login form, it does prompt me to save the credentials. It seems as if the extension goes into some kind of sleep mode and needs to ‘wake up’ first.