Bitwarden won't install in windows -says it needs internet -which i have and is working fine

I wanted to test bitwarden but it won’t install via the installer and keeps saying their is a problem with my internet .
Where can I download a complete copy that will install?


You need to post more info before anyone can help you. Are you referring to installing the Windows BW client or self-hosted server?

  • What are the steps that produce this error?
  • What is the exact error message?
  • What is producing the error? Provide a screenshot of the error.

Based on the info you provided, presumably, your system (i.e., gateway, desktop firewall, etc.) is blocking the download.

I was attempting to install the windows client. I found another thread with someone with the same issue. You can manually download the file from github put the file in the same dir as the installer and then it will work (and it did). Nothing wrong with my internet, not sure why the installer thought there was, but I am good now.

Just on a whim, I tried installing the linux version (deb) late last night. It installed with no issues.


Glad you found a way around the issue. Thanks for sharing your solution. I’ll keep it in mind if I encounter the same issue.