Bitwarden wont fill

I have firefox 75 and the latest bitwarden
I had to reinstall firefox and all of my logins are in the vault but when I go to a site
e.g. bank of america bitwarden says there is no fill in available when my bankofamerica sign in is in the bitwarden vault so I have to enter a new login for bitwarden on bank of america and save it. Why? My bank of America log in is sitting in the bitwarden vault!
Thank You

If you imported from another password manager to bitwarden you most likely have to edit the URL’s other password managers are lousy at saving URL’s that are easily linkable.

I would check to make sure the url is just the site:

Most of them will prob have

That should solve the problem :slight_smile:

Usually bitwarden is pretty good at saving URL’s not occasionally it won’t save it correctly either, I would just double check the URL’s to be safe :slight_smile:

I did no import them
Again all of my sign ins are sitting in the vault and when I go to one any of the sites that correspond to the site sign ins that are in the vault the website I am at does not see the sign in

another example I go to to see my balance Bitwarden does not connect the id/password from the vault to fill in the fill ins
Thus I have to fill in the fill ins and bitwarden asks if I want to save the site when the details of the sign in are sitting in my vault
And all of my sign in were previously done exclusively with Bitwarden (no import)